Santa’s Visit to the Morass

Sitting in the library

searching for a new Christmas tale

pulled out a book

now on the trail

Once upon a time

a long time ago

a sinister alligator in the morass

planned not to let Santa go

Arranging a trap

filled with peppermint and rum

he awaited Santa’s visit

ready to run

Between the trees

Santa did land

dropping a chicken carcass

the alligators favorite brand

Distracted drinking rum

while chewing on a peppermint stick

Santa did not notice

the alligator had planned a trick

The alligator struck

rising up into the night

barely missing Santa

giving him a fright

Calling to the reindeer

the sleigh came into sight

with the crinkle of his nose

Santa rose into the night

The alligator retreated

furious that he had missed

grabbing the chicken carcass

slinking into the watery abyss

Happy Christmas to all

and to all a good night

A tipsy Santa is driving

and all in the world is right

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. And still the gator made out (like a bandit),
    almost as it that’s the way he planned it.
    When Santa dips down into the bayou,
    rest assured, he only plans on passing through,
    as his sleigh circles around the planet.

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