Reflection on a Morning Walk

Icicles dripping off the

front of the house

as I walk out

quiet as a mouse

The wind is sharp

in contrast to the day before

now my heart is broken

too painful to ignore

The sun is out

rays glisten on the snow

wanting to repair the injury

so that my spirit will glow

Letting go

attempting to find new life

a stranger does an act of kindness

easing some of the strife

A new year is coming

time will heal the pain

the sun melts the snow

turning the ice into rain

Returning home

a smile on my face

hot chocolate in hand

some of the pain erased

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. An area you excel in, with your writing, is transitioning and what it entails. You are a master in this arena. You will see that for yourself, in time, as I do now.

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