Morning Meditation

Sitting atop the cliff

allowing my mind to wander

indebted to the flow of life

something not to squander

Questions at hand

at the end of the year

what of the journey

is anything clear

Winter is symbolic of death

when life takes a rest

curling in front of a fire

reading is the best

Spring comes

there is new birth

blossoms on the trees

warmth fills the earth

Summer days

filled with laughter

walking along a stream

majestic pebbles sought after

Along comes the fall

filled with colorful leaves

magical creatures appear

campfire stories to believe

Time slows down

life is bitter sweet

experiences interwoven

chafe and the wheat

Meditation over

spirit now flying in the wind

time to live anew

till this journey’s end

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. But in India , winter is not symbolic of death , but life . And summer of death . So in Indian context , poetry appears to be rearranged . Anyway , nice poetry of all times . Thanks !

  2. Sequencing is often a prime component in your reflective poems. Carts never go before the proverbial horse. As with a Nickelodeon, there is finite order. This is a skill.

    Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

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