Reinventing Christmas

Time to reinvent the holidays

after being initiated into widowhood

things appear more complicated

than it should

Baking in the kitchen

an apple pie on the rack

leaving it to cool

now drinking hot chocolate in the back

Calling the dog

to enjoy Christmas bling with a treat

realizing he’s gone

perhaps walking the street

Going to look for him

passing the apple pie

a strange site appears

before my eyes

Sound asleep

beside the door

rack turned over

pie remnants on the floor

An idea arises

clear as day

sharing pie with others

smiles on the holiday

Beginning to make several pies

feeling warmth on my face

taking baked pies to neighbors

some of the pain is erased

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. Your pies sound delicious. I wish you lived next door to me šŸ™‚ thank you for joining in with our Bling challenge, Piper,

  2. Very touching and it sounds to me to be real (?) I guess, I will have put my mind to baking an apple pie for this Christmas – it will be one (sad) year… Do we have a choice?

    • Thank you. I am sorry that this will be a sad year for you. Yes, it is real. The best choice is to go on and attempt to brighten the holidays for others. This is my fifth holiday season alone and it does not get easier as time passes. I look forward to the new year and pray for the infinite possibilities in it. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

  3. My daughter stopped by with a pizza this afternoon. Only, it was not a pizza. While the crust was typical for a pizza, the topping was altogether apple pie ingredients. It was awesome. Matter of fact, I think I hear it calling from the refrigerator right now.

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