A Prayer of Thanksgiving

A prayer of thanksgiving

is tattooed in my heart

for the time we spent together

though now we are apart

Standing on a platform

raising my hands to the sky

extending my spirit

a huge hug up high

The years have passed

yet you are not far away

so thankful for you

especially on this day

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I am posting a poem my late husband wrote for me in 2013. Till we meet again my love. Love never dies.

Love’s Hold

How can I say it

what power words possess

might a sentence be fit

as a way to express

Could a song with a melody

or a book with a plot

might a kiss be the key

or too soon forgot

Would a touch from my finger

or a glance from my eye

cause a memory to linger

or would it soon die

Maybe a fragrance might hang

on the wings of the wind

and remind you of something

or perhaps just offend

So what might best answer

to tell the depths of its hold

perhaps only a lifetime of faithfulness

will confirm the love in the soul

copyright 2013 William Pierce


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