The Story

Eternity is a spectacular place

filled with constant renewal

sitting at my desk

realizing sometimes it can be cruel

The story began

so long ago

believing I could finish it

refusing to let go

Physical life ended

but my soul refused to leave

so very important

or so I believed

It seemed the universe concurred

as the light never went out

skin rotting with each stroke

going to finish without a doubt

Only the shadow of me remains

my bones attached the paper

words are flowing

finishing now instead of later

On a bus

arriving in Heaven

allowed to see my story

on the news at eleven

Walking into the gates

eyes filled with expression

explaining that the story

is my confession

After hearing laughter

there was an examination

a sigh of relief

that I have been granted dispensation

New life

another story begins

excitement and adventure

knowing the story never ends

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. I can’t believe there are no comments Debbie.

    This is so good…..

    Although many would not hold my view that I believe in reincarnation of the soul. You can’t tell me that 90 years here has all been a waste of time.
    Ends in nothingness. It just defies logic. To me. How my soul will be recycled I’ve no idea.

    You’re not good enough yet Don, only 70%. 95% needed to enter the Gates. Here’s a new baby for you to try out again in. Thankyou God. I will try and improve. To me this is a plausible reincarnation path. To me logical. Others fanciful?

    But Don there are more babies being born than people dying. What happens now? God’s got a problem

    I’ve made several suggestions

    Keep a reserve bank of souls . Bit like a creche tended by the angels

    Reincarnate some as animals. Nice souls to cats, bad ones to ??

    Seriously, I know many don’t believe in reincarnation, but for me to spend 80 years here and end in a black hole does not make sense. It defies logic. To me.

    I’ve told God which baby I want to come back as – my daughters. She’s a good kid. I wonder why?


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