An Invitation to Rest

The cold wind blows

as the seasons change

an invitation to rest

priorities to rearrange

The trees begin a tapestry

with the dropping of leaves

yellow, red, and orange piles

as the wind weaves

Next are the animals

gathering food in the night

having secret storage

some a laughable sight

Humans are peculiar

some have a ritual

gathering around a fire

it’s quite spiritual

Preparations complete

trees and animals asleep

snow covers the land

in places quite deep

All rest now

with the promise of spring

renewal with awakening

when the birds sing

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


      • I forgot to mention that snowy photo was magical. We lived in England for a few years and experienced times like this. but gosh it was cold. Scraping ice off the windscreen…….

      • The snowy photo is magical and conjures up pleasant dreams but I can imagine how cold and messy it is. I live in the American South and we don’t have ice and snow that often and then only in a small amount. Photos are fun but reality can be very different. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

  1. This is a good place to stall, to gather in our current surroundings, to dwell on past actions, and possibly to plan for days ahead. But, the greatest of these is to simply idle, and let is all come to you.

    Wonderful poem. This came from a good place, Debbie.

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