A Struggle with Envy

A typical night

in the middle of a dream

hovering above the clouds

hearing a scream

A struggle ensued

between life and death

emotions roared

at the discovery of the theft

Contentment gone

envy is awry

sparkling trinkets scattered

all left to do is cry

Others have so much

not wanting share

why is this important

need a reason to care

Crouching behind a cloud

going between rage and desire

looking for answer

spirit on fire

Envy is cruel

charring the heart

blood boils for answers

tearing the spirit apart

Passing through rain

beginning to calm down

resting on a rainbow

looking around

Counting blessings

important things in life

hope for the future

a place with no strife

Sliding down the rainbow

contentment is back

surrounded by love

life is on track

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


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