Craig’s Inner Storm

The poem for today comes from Fandango’s story starter. Thank you Fandango for hosting.

Craig had to choose a path, but given his history of making poor decisions, he…

The storm within is raging

as Craig chooses a path

mourning past decisions

struggling with a history of wrath

Inner thunder

as he runs through the trees

dodging snakes in the ferns

then falls to his knees

A lightening strike of emotions

anger, rage, and desire

which path to choose

what will it require

Running into a field

chance meeting a moose

flee or stand his ground

there is nothing to lose

In desperation

something seems to click

Craig runs toward the moose

picking up a stick

Frightened and confused

the moose retreats

Craig has a revelation

the vision is sweet

With renewed vigor

the inner storm has ceased

now making wiser choices

confidence has increased

Time moves forward

living a new way

happiness is found

wiser decisions save the day

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. Experience comes from surviving the life.
    Craig here seems to have a solid mix of luck and determination. Hopefully we can add longevity to his recipe for a long life.

  2. A good one Debbie. I like the ‘different’ direction you took……

    I was intrigued at my reaction. Wasn’t till half-way down I realised the rhyme. So lost in the story the rhyme stayed in the shadows. As a rhymer this took me by surprise…….

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