Encounter With Souls

Encounters with a soul

what fun it can be

searching the emotions of others

knowing which is free

Some are like a thunderstorm

filled with anger and rage

loud thunder and lightening

getting stronger with age

Others are playful

such as a light summer rain

dancing in the streams

rainbows are the gain

Other soul encounters

are in deep thought

ranging in curious to serious

deciding which idea is caught

Then an internal encounter

with the sun filtering morning rays

to smile or frown while choosing

adventures for the day

Encounters with souls

each with its own light

perceiving the world

choosing its plight

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


      • I’ll ponder that thought……

        Actually it’s cold and raining down here. Would you believe it’s meant to be spring?But I’m inside with a log fire , so yes, I will have a wonderful day….creating and writing

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