An Upgrade to Life

Things are getting fuzzy

the end is near

reaching for something

there is much fear

Wanting to upgrade

ascend into a new life

leaving all things behind

particularly the strife

Into the paranormal

a dark tunnel appears

flying fast

suddenly everything is clear

The light is bright

entering a new world

a new reality

choices begin to unfurl

A universe to explore

filled with planets and stars

different dimensions

or a trip to mars

Another choice

field with beautiful flowers

calm and serene

cooling rain showers

A new power

to slow down time

live in the moment

each experience a lifetime

This new life

always an adventure

ability to experience it all

without censure

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. I love this concept. Take some time to smell the roses… Or, grow them! Several, to bloom on intervals, so there is always a petal to the mettle, so to speak… Now I am getting carried away. (You gave me a great deal to think about.)

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