An Ancient Wish

The open door called to me

as if it were ordained

deja vu all around

a hint of pain

The magnet of the old city

heat bouncing off the rock

searching for my identity

locked in an ancient box

Searching my memory

the answer finally came

stupefied by ghost with me

nothing would be the same

An ancient relative

who had a dream

a time would come

to live where things were green

Plenty of food

all would be in great health

love and harmony

a place of wealth

Flowers in bloom

diversity in the land

everyone will have a friend

lend a helping hand

The past became the present

making this dream come true

another door opens

I am part of the glue

Returning home

giving aid to those in need

living in harmony

planting another seed

Some day another relative

will walk through a door

a ghost will meet them

poverty will be no more

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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