A Field of Flowers

Beautiful flowers scattered

across the field

looking in amazement

the bountiful yield

Morning dew

sparkles like glass

bubble type reflections

admiring while it lasts

So many colors

seeds flying in the wind

admiring nature’s discipline

in knowing how to send

The pollinators

hummingbirds and bees

dancing joyfully

fertilizing the seeds

A cool shower

the flowers open to drink

a wonderous cycle

liking to think

The sun returns

nourishing the plants

the reward is flowers

making an exciting entrance

The sun sets

the land is asleep

pleasant dreams

a prayer for souls to keep

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce



  1. “Morning dew
    sparkles like glass
    bubble type reflections . . . . ”
    Beautiful imagery. A beautiful poem. Thank You for sharing! 🙂

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