A Natural Storm

A storm raged

as darkness covered the river

shouldering the responsibility

thoughts that made me shiver

A product of the soil

an avatar houses my spirit

a constant reminder

that I am only here to visit

Underwear wet

as the rain beats down

my swaying in the wind

looking like a clown

Looking in the water

a jar of artificial crab

so close to me

waiting to be grabbed

Frankenfood is not for me

choosing to eat what is real

fish swirling around

nipping at my heel

Lightening strikes the water

moving safely away

wildlife all around

as the trees continue to sway

The storm calms

as I capture the evening meal

my avatar is healthy

eating what is real

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce





  1. I feel the power of the passing storm. The ways energy affects the animals in the water of the beautiful relaxing Lake. I would love to live down be able to watch the storms roll overhead. Mesmerising well done.

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