Victory on a Wave

In a fictitious universe

I am soaring confidently on the waves

one with the ocean

my spirit will not cave

Rising higher

with a cathartic laugh

dolphins dancing with me

movements are choreographed

Speed is increasing

super powers enhanced

the universe is mine

controlling all in the dance

Sliding into the beach

raising my arms in victory

defeating all fears

power now in my history

Walking toward the ocean

to do it all again

surfing is exhilerating

every wave is a win

The sun is setting

time to go home

grateful for the experience

and the time alone

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. Thank you for visiting my site so I’d know to hop over here! Your prayer and poetry are just what I needed today–GOD IS GOOD, ever-faithful!! May He bless you and your loved ones SO Abundantly ❤

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