A Comforting Meditation

An early morning walk

along the creek

the water wildly flowing

equally my heart beat

Sitting on a rock

attempting to mellow out

so much happening

faith beginning to doubt

Clouds above me

beginning to cry

what happened

the world has gone awry

A calming voice

the sun comes from behind the clouds

the streams are sparkling

reassurance heard quite loud

There is a season

to all of life

sometimes it is calm

other times with strife

You are never alone

feel My healing hand

observe all the seasons

look at the land

In the winter

everything falls asleep

seems like death

causing many to weep

Then spring comes

there is a renewal

beautiful flowers

like a heavenly crown jewel

Summer arrives

time for joy and play

all is in full bloom

sun shines all day

Autumn comes

a harvest of abundance

falling colorful leaves

landscape is wonderous

Then winter comes

the seasons cycle again

there are lessons in each

every blessing is a win

Meditation over

wiping away my tears

my soul is nourished

there is no more fear

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce





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