The Park

The man hovered near

the piece of art

listening to some young people

seeking adventure in the park

The man interrupted them

wanting to make a deal

promising them an adventure

his strategy was to steal

The young people eagerly

said yes

all were willing to

not thinking what was best

The man began to speak

weaving a tale

of an utopian world

inside the circular veil

He snowed them good

as they ran with a grin

the man threw a nut-brown rock

and each followed it in

At first the world was filled with color

so bright and new

paradise within their grasp

all desires granted with a view

Then the world turn monstrous

the bright colors began to fade

dragons chasing them

they were afraid

An opening appeared

the chance to escape

all ran for circle

before it was too late

Escaping to safety

each one began to cry

how could they have been mislead

it all was a lie

While they were gone

the man took all they left

laughing as he walked away

happy with his theft

A little wiser

the young people walked away

grateful for a second chance

and a new day

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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