Giddy: A Moonlit Night

Dancing in the moonlight

giddy as can be

somewhat in a trance

a whole new world to see


Rain coming down

sweet to my lips

splashing around in the water

embracing the drips


Light from the moon

awareness begin to grow

in harmony with nature

creates a brief shadow


In the midst of the wind

an owl begins to hoot

sending out messages

frogs follow suit


Rain is gone

sky is clear

stars in the sky

some are near


A beautiful night

feeling quite free

grateful to be alive

bending to my knee


Thanking God 

for the blessings of this night

alone in the darkness

everything is alright


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce



  1. Night is full of mystery and beauty 🌌
    Beautiful poem just like dark night’s 🌃

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