A Ghostly Bridge

old bridge picture of daddy's

The ghostly figure walked

along the old rusted bridge

life flashing before him

on this night did eternity hinge


Long ago

on a fateful night

the man encountered a Being

bathed in bright light


The Being gave him the option

to know the total of his days

to have great wealth

and to do things his own way


The man chose

to live his life in mystery

at the end to be accountable

for his place in history


The ghostly figure

walking along the bridge

meets the Light

and he begins to cringe


All the sudden before him

is a record of all his deeds

afraid of the karma

he is about to receive


Quietly the Light

begins to speak

the man cowers

he feels so weak


Judgement drawn

karma trumped by grace

the man is astonished

his misdeeds erased


Following the Light

the man begins to dance

paradise is embracing him

he has another chance


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce






  1. My grace is sufficient for you! What a wonderful picture of God’s saving grace. Amazing Grace that saved a wretch like me! I was so touched by this post. My spirit rejoiced! Thank you.

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