Life as a Flower

white egret pelahatchie bay april 12

A flower sits alone

as schools of fish swim by

asking questions about loneliness

not wanting to hear a lie


The flower cried

then suddenly a wisp of wind

asking why the tears

my beautiful friend


The flower lamented

alone with many creatures around

nothing to love me

feeling root bound


The rain came

and answered with the wind

you are not alone

there are many friends



makes what you are

all wildlife has a gift

loving you near and far


Seeds are carried

and you landed here

flourishing in an environment

to spread love and cheer


Listen to those around

and you will feel warm

soon other flowers will come

seeds in the storm


The flower smiled

as a new bloom arose

alike but different

glowing as it grows


The river welcomed

life old and new

living in community

love grew


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


  1. You’ve captured flowers so well, Debbie, I really like these lines ‘Seeds are carried
    and you landed here; flourishing in an environment; to spread love and cheer’.

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