OctPoWriMo Prompts: Oct 4 Cage – Pewter, Silver, or Gold



Sitting on the patio

viewing the world through a tree

caged in by life’s circumstances

lonely as can be


In between the branches

a mirror suddenly appears

leaning in closely to see

before it disappears


Within the mirror

are visions of my life

failures in pewter

times of unbelievable strife


Looking closer

as my eyes fill with tears

are visions of me being carried

during the worst times of fear


The mirror changes

there is joy within the pain

a silver lining in the clouds

love in lessons gained


The mirror shows

that I have never been alone

always a loving guiding presence

one that is well known


The mirror shifts

to one last scene

a golden road to follow

loved ones waiting for me


Mirror no longer there

the loneliness is gone

knowing God is always with me

my soul is now strong


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce






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