Game Day in the South

picnic lunch petrified forest april 14

It’s fall in the South

a time for all things grand

waiting for the game to start

I am an ardent fan


A gourmand of rich delicacies

found only on game day

aromatic smells feed the soul

as we all play


Scratching the surface

game day banter appears severe

teasing the other team

until the hamburger and beer appear


Then we are all friends

sharing in the glory

sausages, salsa, and chips

helps to enhance our stories


The games goes on

we watch in the tent

cheering on the teams

time well spent


The game is over

packing up to go home

a wonderful day of sharing

fans are never alone


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


    • Such wonderful times. I agree that the games are more enjoyable than the sermons although some of the story tellers in the church are quite entertaining. Have a wonderful day!

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