A Cave Adventure

sun on river mountain 1

Looking back to the insanity

of an adventure yesterday

there was milquetoast explorer

that got lost along the way


Wandering into a mountain

he encountered a strange site

sitting on ledges was a being

surrounded by light


The being saw him

as he turned run

all the sudden stuck

the being decided to have fun


Strumming on an instrument

the being began to croon

causing the man to dance

he got his groove


Communication is odd

as each one expressed his life

the milquetoast gained courage

listening to the fife


In an instant the man’s life was changed

did he received what he craved

music and being were gone

he was alone in the cave


Wandering out

never to be lost again

the world was now exciting

there was a new day to begin


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce