Gesture: A Squirrel’s Adventure

squirrel eating grass in park march

Scattered about

gesturing to all your friends

there is a feast awaiting

bounty has no end


Gathering together

scattering to and fro

coming in from all directions

so many now know


Climbing up the pole

the booty is oh so close

knocking the feeder over

eating till overdose


Looking around

danger lurks

time to flee the scene

human going berserk


Chaos continues

being chased by a broom

friends scattering everywhere

there is barely any room


Safe now

it’s a wrap

nestling with family

time for a nap


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


  1. Funny and wonderful! We had to bury a squirrel-proof bird feeder. But the squirrels figured out how to get the seeds to fall to the ground and had a ball. I applauded them. Who says humans are the smartest animals?

    • Thank you. Squirrels are smart and entertaining to watch as they conquer our best efforts to keep seeds. I also applaud them and try to learn from their perseverance. Have a wonderful day!

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