Scintilla: Mischief in the Mud

geese drinking water in strawberry park april 24

Gathering close to the water

scintilla of mischief in the air

fresh rain produced mud

adventure with a flair


Coming closer

mom turned around

siblings near

close to the ground


Siblings close to the puddle

excitement in my eyes

just one push

will ire arise


Pushing the first one

oh so much fun

hit face first

the others begin to run


Getting up

my sibling chases me

running through the mud

sounds of glee


Mom grabs my neck

then we both fall

covered with mud

silliness for all


Chided into the lake

dunked until clean

adventure was fun

should have heard them scream


Quiet now

lying in the shade

mom watching closely

mischief well played


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce



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