Hidden: A Canyon Key Hole

Grand Canyon Survive


Beyond the key hole

there is a hidden treasure

looking through the hole

it is hard to measure


There in the landscape

vibrant colors appear

the valley takes shape

as sounds grow near


A river runs

carving out a masterpiece

ever changing

palettes and artistry increase


Glancing through the hole

a bird appears

gracefully following the wind

singing voice is clear


There is a cave

filled with mystery

hidden colors and shapes

some of it eerie


Through the canyon key hole

the view is like a looking glass

filled with a unique view

of a spectacular land mass


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce






    • Thank you. The picture was taken on a multi state trip out west about 15 to 17 years ago. My memory has faded as to exactly where it was taken since we did not label our pictures. Thanks for reading.

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