Complication: An Imaginary Aerial Show

snoopy bicycle clinton


Racing through the sky

clouds scattered about

he rises to the occasion

gives a shout


Aerial stunts

the crowd gives a cheer

turning around in circles

there is no fear


Suddenly the engine roars

there is a complication

smoke coming from the engine

a fearful occasion


Taking water in hand

he maneuvers the hose

the fire is out

to the occasion he arose


One last stunt

a flip in the air

the show is closing

ending with a flair


Taking a bow

a trophy in hand

waving to the cheers

dancing with the band


Taking his leave

in the midst of the commotion

enjoying life

with great emotion


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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via Daily Prompt: Complication


  1. Taking risk is all about life. Even not taking risk is a risk itself. Thanks for sharing.

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