Stifle: A Tree Calls for Help

rocky springs tree april 28


Big tree struggling

stifled by mismanagement of the land

greed and overuse

guided by a human hand


The struggle is real

yet the tree survives

looking for alternatives

to keep itself alive


After the assault

other humans came to help

focusing on restoration

hearing the yelp


The tree recovers

it will take years

living a long life

overcoming the fear


The forest lives on

providing a rich life

to all who nurture her

lessons from strife


Nature is renewing

this great natural resource

bounty with preservation

setting a new course


My soul is nourished

lessons from within

enjoying the wonder

by not stretching the forest too thin


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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    • It is sad. The good news about that particular tree is that is now part of a protected area in Mississippi. The tree is old and steps are being taken to preserve the land. Thanks for reading.

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