Entertain: A Duck’s Life

red headed duck strawberry patch park april 24

Swimming in the pond

entertaining along the way

living on the edge

waddling to the bay


Complete freedom

laying in the sun

balancing work and play

everything completely done


Bread crumbs thrown

a feast to be enjoyed

a few quacks of thanks

more entertainment to be enjoyed


Living on the edge

swimming in the water

a cool breeze is blowing

the sun getting hotter


Laying under a tree

in the shade among the leaves

preening my feathers

contentment is achieved


Life is beautiful

each moment is a gift

living in contentment

gives my soul a lift


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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  1. I love how well you guided the poem with the beautiful pictures and scenery. It all fits nicely together, but that is a standard you have setted high for other poets. 😀 Really good poem Lt. Pierce.

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