Allergic: A Winter Storm



The snow rages

there is an allergy in the air

piercing wind and biting cold

perfect storm with a flair


The trees are covered

wildlife fights for survival

raging blackout conditions

winter slashes out in revival


A storm in the east

the coastal waves filled with ice

all seems dark in the world

nature is filled with vice


Emotions run high

there is fear in the air

will the storm consume us

some cup boards are bare


Then it stops

the beast is put to rest

leaving beauty in the landscape

nature now at its best


Meditation ends

my soul is renewed

having survived the storm

new beauty to be viewed


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Wow! You’re really a great poet. You compose seriously fabulous poems. I guess this blog has just caught my fancy! I just like reading such poems…

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