Treat: A Powerful Natural Rising

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There is power in the ascent

a treat for the senses

rising high in the air

heightened awareness commences


There are water vapors

a chance to ascend into the clouds

journey into the heavens

all adventures are allowed


Pure warm water

spurting where the eyes can see

powerful expressions of emotion

total expression of what is alive in me


Living in the moment

as the expression begins to descend

feeling the joy and happiness

till the very end


Back in the ground

the cycle begins again

wrapping all the elements around me

surrounded by family and friends


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Beautiful! Speechless! I believe the poet who is able to expand his emotions to his readers is a true poet. This is what I find in your compositions. I’m very serious with my words. It’s probably the most peaceful and tranquil place I’ve visited on WordPress. Keep going!

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