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Treat: A Powerful Natural Rising

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There is power in the ascent

a treat for the senses

rising high in the air

heightened awareness commences


There are water vapors

a chance to ascend into the clouds

journey into the heavens

all adventures are allowed


Pure warm water

spurting where the eyes can see

powerful expressions of emotion

total expression of what is alive in me


Living in the moment

as the expression begins to descend

feeling the joy and happiness

till the very end


Back in the ground

the cycle begins again

wrapping all the elements around me

surrounded by family and friends


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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Elemental Treasures



Earth, air, wind and water

gifts from above

beautiful elements

God gave us with love


Water and wind

represented by a geyser

hot water spurting out

sporadically like a miser


Earth and air

rocky canyons in a row

colorful and deep mountains

covered by a smoky fog and rainbow


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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Geysers Reflecting Life

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Geysers shooting water in the air

high up in the sky

steam and water in the wind

catching the visitor’s eye


The eruption is short

beautiful to see

the ground is storing up energy

for the use of you and me


The eruption is over

the cycle to begin anew

Heat and water churning like a wheel

taking its time to brew


The storms of life are like this geyser

stirring silently in the night

issues continuing  to build up

till the time to erupt is right


People can avoid eruptions such as these

by working together in time of need

Crisis big can become small

love can help solutions to succeed


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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Geyser of Emotion

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A geyser erupts

sending water high in the air

people in the stands

continuing to stare


Molten lava with water underground

creates an eruption

when it heats up

sending water all around


Our emotions are like this geyser

erupting in the heat of the moment

expressing intense thoughts

and causing a commotion


We are able to control this

eruption of heat

saying a prayer

that we will not be beat


Thinking before speaking

can be so very hard

creating thoughtful communication

instead of thoughtless lard


Eruption of emotions

will continue to cease

when we consider our words

communicate with peace


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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Geysers: A Life Lesson from Nature

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It was a cool summer morning in the mountains of Wyoming. We gathered our things and headed to the car. This day we were going to be catapulted into the adventures of Yellowstone National Park.

We were staying in Cody, Wyoming which is a small town that is about forty-five minutes from the park entrance. It is a beautiful town with old buildings that feature a wild west type of architecture.

Driving along the highway there are large rocks surrounding us absorbing the early morning sun. The rocks are covered in orange, pink and dark purple hues that are reflecting in the sunlight. God has provided us these beautiful canvases to observe on our way to the park.

After entering the park we stopped at the visitor’s center and planned our day. The visitor’s center is surrounded by huge dark green trees and some wildflowers. The brilliant yellow and white colors of the flowers are vibrant. There is a small breeze blowing through the trees reflecting rays of sunshine from above.

The first stop this morning is the geyser region. Old Faithful is a geyser that has been erupting at a fairly consistent time for many years. We approach the visitor’s center at the geyser region and check the schedule. There is about ten minutes before the anticipated eruption so we find a seat along the wooded path to observe.

People are gathering to watch the geyser erupt. The stands are full as the geyser begins to erupt. It is a fascinating sight to watch the hot water being catapulted into the air. Beginning with a small ripple of water anticipation grows as the water continues to build into the air. Hot water is hurled approximately twenty feet into the air for a few minutes and then slowing sinks back into the ground. It is a wonderful site to observe. Nature is beautiful in its displays of drama.

After the eruption ends the crowd scatters to explore the geyser area and other parts of the park. We gather our things and begin to walk the wooded paths around the remaining geysers. I am in awe of the natural beauty of this national park and begin to wonder the lesson that these geysers teach us about life.

Geysers are unpredictable in their eruptions. The same principle applies in life. We never know when the next crisis will occur. Our lives will be calm and all will seem to be going as planned.

Then a crisis will occur and we will have to deal with an issue. The issue may seem small in the beginning. If the issue is dealt with then life can proceed without drama. However there are times when the small issues of life begin to build. We allow them to heat up within us and stretch into all parts of our lives.

Like geysers these small issues continue to build up inside of us until we can no longer hold all of our emotions inside. Then there is a huge eruption. Our emotions explode and come to the surface in a grand fashion.

There may be anger associated with these emotions and cause violence in our lives. Some people express these emotions by causing  harm to other people.  This may take on the form of mental or physical abuse. The eruption is dangerous and there are no easy answers to its resolution.

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After the eruption there is a time of calm again as we resume our lives. The eruption may have only been temporary like a tantrum from a small child. When the issue is resolved life will return to normal. We learn to head off the next eruption by learning how to cope with life’s issues.

Other eruptions occur on fairly regular schedule like Old Faithful. They consume us and  our emotions erupt each time something does not go our way in life. These are challenges for us to find a permanent resolution in life.

Such challenges may take the form of homelessness or consistent unemployment throughout life. These are difficult issues and are not easily resolved. They may require the help of trained professionals to guide those affected to resolution.

It is time to leave the geyser area and explore other parts of the park. We watch Old Faithful erupt one last time before moving on. It is inspiring to watch the geyser send the water up into the sky. The water recedes back into the ground the same as our issues in life. I am grateful that we have the opportunity to solve life’s issues and can learn from the beauty of nature.

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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