A Steady Life

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Glancing across the canyon

questioning my loyalty to the land

the sun is rising

my thoughts are in a band


Distant colors that

change throughout the day

is my life faithful

do I know the way


Clouds across the sky

wandering from plain to plain

can I follow them

do they have a name


The view has shifted

with the movement of the sun

am I loyal to my beliefs

or give in to temptation and run


The canyon is beautiful

loving this way of life

choosing to stay loyal

overcome the strife


Meditation is over

grateful for God’s grace

my soul is at peace

life a slow steady pace


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. It is still hard for me to believe you haven’t been to the Canyon. It calls you. And I know when you get there you will find nothing but spirituality. Have a nice evening.

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