Mediation on Superficial Petrified Wood

petrified wood april 14

Petrified wood sitting in a forest

quietly moving through time

beautiful in colors

sparkling in the sunshine


Superficial to life

now turned to stone

a permanent reminder

of  a life spent alone


In life the tree

was vibrant and alive

nourishing the ecosystem

which continues to thrive


Its destiny is to be lost

losing itself to inner cold

never feeling the warm soil

only to grow old


The sparkling colors

superficial to what once was a feeling

not sharing with others

a life filled with  no meaning


A reminder to me

a monument from the past

to share love with others

or the stone cold will last


My soul is nourished

observing this piece of art

living life to the fullest

loving from the start


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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    • Mississippi has a state park that is filled with petrified wood. It is a fun place to visit and has many pretty pieces of wood in its natural surroundings. Thanks for reading.

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