Nature’s Fashion Show


fall color april 22


The trees and bushes

on the runway line

waiting for their catwalk

looking just fine


First come the trees

the leaves dressed in gold

sparkling as they drop

when the weather turns cold


Next comes some bushes

all dressed in red

the catwalk is dripping

in colors as they wed


The fashion show continues

with an evergreen

blending with the rest

a beautiful scene


Some colorful fruit

enters the show

it’s all so fashionable

a scene on the go


The catwalk is full

the trees and bushes take a bow

cameras are flashing 

photos sure to wow


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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via Daily Prompt: Fashionable


  1. Splendid job Lt. Pierce. You write in an extraordinary fashion that always paints beautiful images. I am very satisfied with your products. Keep up the good work.

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