A Bird’s Magnetic Attraction

white egret pelahatchie bay april 12

The egret wades in the water

cooling itself on a warm day

drawn to its magnetic reflection

beautiful in every way


The water is still

a slight breeze in the air

holding a camera

it is hard not to stare


The elegance of the egret

with tall regal features

in tune with the environment

such a beautiful creature


The bird moves so eloquently

not a care in the world

slowly moving in the water

causing small ripples to swirl


Calmness in the landscape

soothing to my soul

becoming one with nature

such an aspiring goal


The spell is broken

the egret moves away

returning to the present

continuing with the day


Nature is magnetic

drawing us in to the story

nourishing to our souls

a piece of God’s glory


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. I am not sure why water birds seem to be more streamlined and graceful than many regular birds but they are.

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