Coastal Bird Observing a Hurricane

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The coastal bird sits on a pier watching the gulf begin to roar. The wind is up and the waves are growing stronger. A hurricane is coming and the time has come to prepare.

There are people surrounding the pier watching the waves come in. There is a little bit of cool rain beginning. The coastal bird watches the people and wonders when their preparations will begin. One man moves his boat and shouts to the others that the time has come to bring the other boats in.

The coastal bird is happy to help as the fisherman unload their boats on the dock. The preparations require that some of the fish be let go. The coastal bird happily engages the fisherman in a slow dance. There is an abundance of food being left on the pier and in the water.

The coastal bird is full now and other birds have joined the feast. The coastal bird flies back to the pier near the beach to watch the people scurry. There is a frantic line of cars as people are attaching wood to the windows of their houses. Many people are putting sandbags around their houses to try to keep the surge out.

The hurricane is getting closer and the coastal bird flies to the top of a building to get a better view. Many of the people are packing their cars and leaving. The waves are higher now and the rain has increased. The coastal bird is worried for the people who have chosen not to leave.

The coastal bird hears parts of conversations where the people are talking about parties that will be fun. The coastal bird is saddened because the time to move farther away from the ocean is short.

The coastal bird flies to a safe vantage point in a building to watch the hurricane come to shore. The waves are high now as the pressure and wind have built. There is the sound of thunder and streaks of lightning in the sky. The storm is here now and the water has started to rise.

The water is surging now and the streets are under water. The coastal bird flies a bit farther down in the building and observes the waves crashing in. The water is high now and the coastal bird fears the building may collapse.

The coastal bird flies to another building farther away. There is a panic now among some of the people who chose to stay. Many of the people are on the roof of the building as the water surge continues to climb. The coastal bird is frightened and sad because he can not help the people.

There is a lull in the storm and the coastal bird flies to observe the damage. The storm is not over but many of the buildings are collapsed. The ecosystem has sustained great damage and the coastal bird flies a bit farther back inland as the eye of the storm has passed.

The next phase of the hurricane is as fierce as the first. The coastal bird braces and flies to check on the people on the roof of the building. The water has not risen any farther and the people are safe. The storm is winding down and the coastal bird is relieved.

The hurricane is over now and the water is receding. The harsh winds are now calm and the coastal bird flies to survey the damage. The hurricane had sent all of it’s wrath and now the coast is clear.

The ecosystem is damaged and there is death and destruction everywhere. The buildings are scattered and there are boats in the streets. Many of the houses are gone with only scattered belongings where the homes once stood.

The coastal bird views the destruction and then begins to rebuild and inhabit his home. He is happy that the storm is over and the ecosystem can be renewed. The people have returned and the rebuilding has begun.

The coastal bird is relieved to see the people from the roof rebuilding. They leave him some food on the ground. The coastal bird eats the food slowly and looks around. There are more people who have come to help rebuild. He observes that community is a wonderful thing.

Years pass and the coastal bird is on the pier again. Life has returned to normal and he is happy again. He dives for fish and observes the resilience of the people. The coastal bird’s soul is renewed and nourished.

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce



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