A Solitary Journey

cypress swamp from left side march 31

Wandering down a path

coming to a crossroads

do I go solitary

or take a load


What is important

to take across this bridge

taking one day at a time

do I have the courage


There is so much

pain, turmoil, and emotional strife

do I leave it behind

for a better quality of life


Crossing the bridge

to a new day ahead

exercising kindness to others

a new place to be led


A place of love

where people live in harmony

a place where change

begins with me


Crossing this bridge

leaving it all behind

creating a better world

crossing a solitary line


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. I read this numerous times. Loved the analogy of crossing the bridge (or staying being) and knowing it all “begins with me”. Have a good weekend.

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