A Prickle Bicycle

lawn guy blue bicycle clinton


A bicycle filled with flowers

a beautiful work of art

basket with a bird house

and a metal tag from the start


Parked against a tree

slowly becoming part of the land

prickly bushes surrounding it

creating a stand


A striking blue frame

filled with colorful flowers to see

a small town decoration

wonderful for me


There is much love

shown in this landscape

art is created

a scene to partake


Art reflects the culture

of this small town

an expression of joy

from the people around


A lovely place to visit

a prickle of love

expressed in bicycle art

something to be proud of 


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. A prickle of love.. An expression of joy.. It’s art as it’s meant to be.. Open and admirable. Great post.

    • Thank you. Yes, the old town part of Clinton, Mississippi had a group of artist compile several pieces of bicycle art to decorate the town. They are very talented. Thanks for reading.

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