Composing a Musical Meditation


Chaos or organization

musical notes floating through my head

trying to compose a tune

which way am I being led


Whole notes or half notes

is it a symphony or a simple tune

music in my mind

chaotic and beginning to boom


Copying on paper

measures coming together

organizing my thoughts

notes beginning to tether


The music is simple

a thoughtful melody

something for meditation

filled with glee


Music on the piano

chaotic or slow

expressing my emotions

the highs and the lows


Composing simple music

nourishment for my soul

meditation this morning

writing on a musical scroll


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. It’s a meditative, for some. I guess some people are good in music. For me always a struggle, for you it’s as easy as breathing I guess. Great post..

    • Thanks for sharing. Some people are good in music and it will flow as if they are part of the instrument. For me it is a fun hobby and I have to practice. My current interest is learning how to compose music and it is a challenge. Thanks for reading.

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