Ambling With God

Clouds 1

Walking with God

ambling on a cloud

whispering silent thoughts

not talking out loud


There is love

in the Heavens and the Earth

what is in our hearts

is it life’s birth


God smiled at me

and said “my dear child

your heart was birthed with light

my gift for the eternal mile”


As we ambled along I asked

“why is there darkness in this space

so much war, strife and famine

the light can’t keep pace”


God answered ” I created you

placed the light in your faith anew

to be spread to others

like the morning dew”


God continued ” the morning sun

will continue to shine

the light to be nourished over time

much like a wedding’s fine wine”


I smiled as God ambled away

time to love each other on this new day

spreading the light of kindness

breaking the darkness along the way


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. If we really let our light shine with its whole luminous intensity, no darkness can stand it. Good post!

  2. I knew you were the carrier of the light.. I feel good after this post.. A lovely and great gesture.. Stellar post..

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