A Light Partnership

Honeysuckle blooming closeup

God created a small beam of light

placed it on the land

hope for all the people

planet filled with a band


Some people picked up the light

shared it throughout the world

partnered with others

causing kindness to unfurl


The partnership grew

people helping one another

there was love in the land

man in harmony with his brother


Food was abundant

healing was at hand

there was much rejoicing 

 throughout the land


Then a storm began to rage

darkness came on the land

famine, war, and strife

no one lending a hand


But the light remained

small but a shining flame

darkness could not put it out

it will forever gain


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Hope and positivity flowing through this post.. Are you the carrier of it in these times?

  2. So thankful for His small shining flame–He’ll never allow it to go completely out…the faithful will keep the torches lit ❤

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