Nature’s Toothbrush

colorado park river

We clean our teeth

several times a day

with commercial toothbrushes

not nature’s way


God has provided

for our many needs

brushing our teeth

a way in nature to heed


Using a brush

made with twigs or spines

bristles from animal hairs

make it clean just fine


Then create toothpaste

using essential oils

found in nature’s leaves

coming from the soil


We are made from this planet

created to thrive

God provides everything

we need to survive


Brushing our teeth

preserving the planet too

having a clean mouth

speaking praises anew


My soul is nourished

by all that is provided in nature

learning to appreciate

how awesome is our Creator


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. A little history lesson.. I agree twigs work just fine.. Great post.. For some weird reason the daily post is not showing entries..

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