Fragrant Train Ride


Riding on the train

going down the line

fall time fragrances

smelling like wine


Many different colors

a fine sight to see

orange, red and yellow

coming from the trees


Train passes a campground

filled with fragrant food

barbecue and steak

just to name a few


Train continues

moving down the line

traveling musicians

music sounds just fine


There are people waving

on the mountain top

train takes a break

people crowd the rest stop


Return trip home

fragrant smells of rain

crisp fall day

no drop in vain


Nature is nourished

and so is my soul

more fall scenery

a sight to behold


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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    • Yes, this is a train ride in Bryson City, North Carolina. It was fun with stories from people, traveling musicians, and beautiful scenery. Thank you for your kind words. Thanks for reading.

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