Warmth in a Cold World

snow capped mountain alaska

Our world is so cold

winter so long

hibernating beauty

waiting for spring’s song


The valleys are warm

comforting us from afar

in the midst of life’s storms

like a star


The ice is melting

the sky is now blue

God awakens us

we are made anew


The mountains and valleys

are much like our life

highs and lows

sometimes with strife


The valleys are warm

much like our hearts

loving one another

from the start


Nature reflects who we are

with the seasons of the year

taking on life’s issues

in harmony without fear


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. No matter the seasons, they are all reflected in humanity. It’s like a poetic gospel – the promise of summer in spring’s breath following the death of winter after autumn’s suffering. I love this!

  2. Sorry I was late.. Hmm.. You know the title says it all.. Are you reflecting our times.. Great post..

  3. Beautiful. I enjoyed reading about cooler weather … we are having a HEAT wave here … truly dangerous heat in the south … thanks for the remembrance of cooler times to come. thanks for sharing, jan

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