Wonderful Planet Earth

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Our planet is alive

filled with wonders and tears

each place is different

some filled with fears


There are mountains

so beautiful and tall

there are many trees

some are dormant in the fall


The deserts are filled

with cactus and sand

everything is dry

across the hot and scorching land


There are rolling plains

filled with wheat

flowing beautifully

in the late summer heat


There is ice

cross the Alaska land

dormant life in winter

snow fine as sand


There are oceans

teeming with life abound

waves filled with treasures

enjoyed by all around


Our planet is alive

Blessed by God’s grace

a home for all of us

wonderful for the human race


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Beautifully written … you’ve got the world covered here … and you wrote in rhyme … sometimes people forget Shakespeare wrote in rhyme … and he was the master. jan

  2. It’s wonderful for us, not sure if the feeling is reciprocated by mother nature. She is getting angrier.. Great post..

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