The Moxie Alligator

alligator on golf course 2 may 5


The alligator sits on the bank

moxie all around

big beady eyes and open mouth

a warning to all who surround


He slips into the water

to cool off and rest this day

beady eyes open

silently waiting for prey


The morning sun

shining so bright

a duck comes close

the alligator moves to bite


All of the sudden

there is such a clatter

a group of geese land

causing the water to smatter


The duck swims away

the alligator loses his prey

there is much noise

as the alligator moves away


Back on the bank

enjoying the sun

watching the geese dreaming

while the duck continues to run


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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  1. Hahaha, watching the geese dreaming, while duck continue to run
    A future idiom maybe.. Good post..

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