Skipper’s Apple Pie Caper


The apple pie

across the picnic table sits

warm with an aromatic scent

Skipper eyeing it


He employs a caper

catching the air with his ears

flying high in the air

coming oh so near


Skipper’s mouth open

flying next to the pie

grabbing it quickly

before anyone can spy


He hits the ground

rushes next to a boat

carrying the pie

no time to gloat


The pie looks good

such a wonderful prize

he grazes upon it

a feast for the eyes


The pie tastes good

now it is all gone

time for a nap

on the lawn


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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via Daily Prompt: Caper


    • One Thanksgiving afternoon Skipper managed to pull an apple pie off a table without anyone noticing. He ate the entire pie and then slept for the next eighteen hours. Then he was extremely sick and then fine. Apples were his favorite treat. He has been in Heaven now for 20 years and that apple pie is still a topic of conversation at family reunions. Thanks for reading.

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