Riding the River Rapids


Adventure in the river

tethered to my canoe

riding through the rapids

not thinking it through


It is so much fun

riding down the river run

till I turn over

that was not fun


I am alright

trying again

riding the rapids

 let the thrill begin


The adventure continues

the water is cool

paddling really fast

am I a fool


The river slows down

taking a break

paddle slower now

relaxation to partake


One last ride

in this canoe to play

riding the rapids

last adventure for the day


The sun is setting

the day is at an end

more adventures to come

as a new day begins


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Nicely done! We’ll be moving to Bend, OR soon where there is the Deschutes River. We’ll be checking into the rapids.

  2. Strangely no one is getting canoe as a person and rapids as life.. People take thing too literally.. But on a totally unrelated issue.. I can never take my chances with rapids.. Don’t know how to swim..

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