Dashing Down the River

colorado falls in park

Dashing through the river of life

never giving a care

every turn a new adventure

excitement in the air


There are rapids

around each twist and turn

a thrill a minute

of something we yearn


Oh the years

they dash by so fast

never giving a thought

if the adventure will last


We reach the top

of the great waterfall

tossing and turning

alas there is a fall


The river is quiet

it flows so slow

time to reflect

before we go


The journey was fun

we learned quite a lot

time to rest our heads

dreaming under the night’s dots


It is morning

time to rise again

dashing to another adventure

sharing life till the end


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Oh you completely fooled me. I thought you were writing about Death..It was the last stanza, it is morning..time to rise again that i finally breathe easily..

    • Thanks for sharing. While writing I realized that it did sound like death and then decided that the poem should reflect life. Adventures in life sometimes take twists that can take us in many directions. Sometimes after danger we reflect about death but then the sun rises the next morning and it is time to live another adventure. Thanks for reading.

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